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Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent solution for missing teeth that is unmatched in success-rate, functionality, longevity and aesthetics. 

Dental implants use a tiny medical-grade titanium screw to act as artificial tooth roots which activates the jaw bone and surrounding tissue as a natural tooth would preventing bone loss and providing support for your facial features.

The dental implants procedure requires surgical placement of a titanium screw within the jaw. Once healed, a dental crown is placed on top and your smile is restored.

Osseointegration is the most important of all the dental implant stages. It is the process in which the titanium screw becomes fully integrated into the bone tissue and accepted as artificial tooth roots. 

At Arista Dental Centre Guelph, we believe in an evidence-based approach to dentistry. This means we only use materials that have undergone extensive testing and have been proven to provide the results we know our patients deserve. No matter how complex the procedure, our team of specialists strive to preserve and maintain as much natural tooth structure as possible. 

Dental implant problems are rare. Dental implant risks and complications are less than 5%. Patients who smoke may exhibit decreased bone density. However, with advanced training and extensive experience, we can strategically position the tooth implant to maximize the bone tissue available for successful placement. Smoking also interferes with the healing process. If you are a smoker, you may be advised to quit before proceeding with treatment.

Dental implant cost is determined by the type of dental implant, the number of teeth being restored and whether additional procedures are required to ensure successful placement. During your dental implant consult at Arista Dental Centre Guelph, dental implant prices will be discussed with you.


Dental Specials

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