Sleep Dentistry

Arista Dental Centre Guelph offers sedation dentistry for apprehensive patients suffering from dental anxiety so they can receive the dental care the need and feel comfortable while dental work is being performed. 

Although dental anxiety is a common condition we regularly accommodate here at Arista Dental Centre Guelph, it is merely one of the reasons why many of our patients request sedation dentistry. If you experience any of the following conditions, you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry.

  • Strong gag-reflex
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Dental anxiety
  • Past traumatic dental experiences
  • Fear of needles or dental instruments
  • Disabilities that may interfere with dental care
  • Difficulty controlling body movements

Oral sedation dentistry uses sedation dentistry drugs usually in the form of a pill such as Halcion, diazepam, lorazepam or hydroxyzine. 

Conscious sedation dentistry uses sedation dentistry drugs that can be administered via inhalation such as with nitrous oxide,  in the form of a pill such as Halcion, or intravenously via IV sedation depending on the complexity of the procedure. 

Arista Dental Centre Guelph also provides sedation dentistry for children with the following conditions:

  • Strong gag-reflex
  • Extensive dental needs
  • Dental anxiety or dental phobia
  • Past traumatic dental experiences
  • Children who are mentally handicapped
  • Children who are medically compromised
  • Children who fear the sounds and smells associate with dental treatment

Sedation dentistry side effects may include a foggy recollection of your time in the dental chair or a temporary unawareness of time. For example, sedation dentistry is often used to complete lengthy procedures in a single appointment. A procedure that may have taken hours will often seem like minutes. 

During your consult, our sedation dentist will ask you a series of health questions to determine your candidacy for sedation dentistry and ensure your utmost safety at all times.

Sedation dentistry cost is determined by the sedation method used and your dental insurance coverage. Regardless of how simple or complex your treatment here at Arista Dental Centre Guelph, you can be sure our sedation dentist will provide you with a comfortable, anxiety-free dental experience.

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