Root Canal

Root canal pain or symptoms may result from tooth decay, trauma, cracks or chips. Patients who require root canal treatment may experience tooth pain, sensitivity to hot/cold, pain when chewing or applying pressure, a persistent or recurring pimple on the gums, or a darkening in tooth color.

At Arista Dental, we understand the severe discomfort caused by root canal pain. Dr. Yeung regularly accepts walk-in root canal patients as well as emergency root canal patients to help alleviate pain as quickly as possible. 

Contrary to popular myth, today's root canal treatment is not painful. Root canal treatment is a common and simple procedure that  provide patients with critical pain relief  from root canal symptoms. Our patients here at clinic are often surprised to find that their root canal treatment feels very much like getting a simple routine dental filling.

The root canal procedure is painless and may be completed in just one or two appointments. Your root canal procedure will begin as Dr. Yeung uses local anesthesia to effectively numb the area being treated. Once completely numb, a rubber dam is used to isolate the tooth for treatment.

Dr. Yeung will then create a tiny opening in the tooth to clean out the infected or injured pulp. After the tooth has been cleaned, the root canals are filled and sealed. A dental crown is then placed on the tooth to prevent any potential cracks or fractures.

Directly following your procedure, you may return to your regular activities. Once the local anesthesia wears off, you may feel some minor soreness in the gums from the rubber dam, especially when chewing on the treated tooth. This discomfort is minor and temporary. Dr. Yeung may advise you to try chewing on the opposite side for a day or two to allow the tooth to rest. 

When faced with the decision between root canal or extraction, Dr. Yeung at Arista Dental always choses the course of treatment that will save as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Dr. Yeung strongly believes in saving and preserving natural teeth to ensure our patients' health and comfort. Root canal treatment helps preserve your natural smile, allows you to continue enjoying the foods you love, and limits the necessity for ongoing dental procedures. With proper dental hygiene, teeth that have undergone root canal treatment can last as long as other natural teeth giving you a lifelong natural smile. 

Root canal complications are rare. Root canal treatment recovery is minimal. Patients may resume their daily activities immediately after their procedure. Root canal pain after treatment may result in some slight soreness when chewing on the treated tooth. At Arista Dental our patients' comfort remains our first priority. You can expect your root canal treatment with Dr. Yeung to be a pleasant and painless experience.

Root canal cost will vary on the tooth being treated. For example, molars contain more root canals and require more treatment. Root canal cost is covered by most major dental insurance companies. 


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