Patient Exam - Dental Checkup

On average, seeing a dentist twice a year works well for most people. A few people can get away with fewer visits. Others may need more frequent visits. People with very little risk of cavities or gum disease can do fine seeing their dentist just once a year. People with a high risk of dental disease might need to visit every three or four months, or more. This high-risk group includes:

Typically, visiting a dentist twice a year for dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings is effective enough to maintain health teeth and gums. Some patients may need less visits, while others may require more frequent care. Patients who are more susceptible to dental disease may require professional care every three to four months. High-risk patients include:

  • Patients with low immunity or bacterial infection
  • Patients with gum disease
  • Patients with diabetes
  • Smokers
  • Patient who are prone to tooth decay and plaque buildup

The maintenance required for each patient may change througout their lifetime. During illness or stress, you may be advised to visit Arista Dental Centre Guelph more often to help maintain your oral health, fight off bacterial infection and overcome changes in your mouth.

If you maintain your oral health at home and we do not find any signs of disease or decay for a few years, Dr. Yeung may chose to lengthen the time between your preventative care appointments. During your dental examination, Dr. Yeung will discuss a maintenacen schedule that is best suited to you needs.

Dental Specials

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